We believe in our commitment to industry

High efficiency in prolific industries

Design and manufacture according to global standards

TELFER products in serving the steel industry


Single-girder overhead cranes

from 1000kg to 10tons


Double-girder overhead cranes

from 3.2tons to 320tons


Gantry cranes

from 125kg to 230tons


Wall travelling Cranes

from 100kg to 5tons


Semi-gantry cranes

from 1ton to 60 tons

جرثقیل سقفی

Pillar jib cranes

from 500kg to 6.2tons

جرثقیل سقفی

Wall jib cranes

from 125kg to 5tons

جرثقیل دروازه ای

Certificates and Licenses

 Certificates and Licenses

TELFER in a quick review

Benefiting from today’s technical knowledge and machinery, TELFER Industrial Group, the pioneer in design and manufacture of overhead cranes, produces a wide range of hoisting equipment. The widespread servicing network together with the existing spare parts in the warehouses of this company has brought peace, security and investment criteria for the customers.

  • Erection and commissioning
  • Guarantee
  • Permanent support
  • Special equipment