How could we choose the supplier of our specialized materials?

How could we choose the supplier of our specialized materials? There are different parameters for evaluation and selecting the suppliers of cranes in the present Iranian market, with regards to the diversity of products for the buyers, and the buyers should define their specific criteria by considering all or parts of the required measures, to evaluate and select the suppliers of their specific products among many, by evaluating the parameters.

According to the prominent and specialized experience of TELFER Co., we decided for the welfare of the customers, to provide the measures for them to facilitate their selections, in order to have more accurate and easier selections through studying them.

Is the supplier of your specialized product possess a standard and appropriate production area?

Yes, TELFER has well-equipped production spaces with the area of about 10000m2

Is the supplier of your required products having special mechanisms and machine tools for crane manufacturing industry?

Yes. TELFER has adequate machinery, including lathes, CNC machines, etc.

Is the supplier of your required products having valid permissions from the ministry of industries and mines?

Yes. Operating permission No. 30592 from the ministry of industries and mines.

Has the supplier participated in great national projects?

Yes. By participation in construction of Izeh Bridge, Esfahan subway (Metro),…

Is the supplier having a team for after-sales services and speed in providing after-sales services?

Attendance of the team for after-sales services in less than 48 hours, all over the country.

Does the supplier provide the diversity of your required products?

Yes, by over 2700 types of products.

Does the supplier provide valid guarantees for its products?

Yes. By the longest guarantee duration, up to 3 years.

Has the supplier have designing and manufacturing potentials?

TELFER is the only designer and manufacturer of overhead cranes and displacing mechanisms in Iran.

Could the supplier provide definite annual production capacity?

The annual production capacity is 3600 mechanisms.

Has the supplier have specialized workforce for installations and commissioning activities?

TELFER has more than 5 active groups all over the country.

Could your specialized supplier provide the satisfaction of the buyers for its products?

This company has considered the buyers’ satisfaction to be its most prominent goal.

Has your specialized supplier possess valid resources for providing raw materials and other materials purchasing?

All the domestic purchases by TELFER are from licensed domestic agencies and the purchases from abroad are directly from foreign suppliers.

Has your specialized supplier succeeded in obtaining related certificates to design, manufacture and after-sales services?

TELFER has been credited by ISO18001, ISO14001, ISO9001 and ISO/TS29001 certificates from RWTUV, for designs, manufacturing and commissioning and after-sales services.

Has your specialized supplier equipped its products with codes for the order of the component?

All the TELFER products have codes for facilitating the order of spare parts.