Introducing TELFER Industrial Group

جرثقیل سقفی جرثقیل سقفی جرثقیل سقفی جرثقیل سقفی
 Different criteria are used today for measuring various aspects in the world, among different companies, each of which follow peculiar bases and specific applications. Industrial criteria are among the most important scales of development in economic transactions, and powerful and developed countries in the world use them against other countries.

Most of the countries in the world have been and are principle consumers of these mechanisms, and industrial countries could have allocated a proper share of their exports to this industry, to provide appropriate occupation.

With the history of less than half a century for this industry, Iran has unfortunately had the same trend. Let’s have a look at the records in Iranian Customs Office, in order to observe the import rate of cranes and find out the foreign currencies that is annually taken out from the country. It was according to this history that the movement of TELFER was established. The idea of designing and producing some displacing equipment of materials, the most used of which in 1980s that was overhead cranes, was primarily formed. Following this thought and the increasing need of industry and the community to these types of materials, the serious work started by this company, in that respect. Multilateral planning was taken into consideration after defining the goals to be achieved. Eventually, TELFER Co. was established in 1984 with the production shops of about 10000m2, in Oshtorjan Industrial Estate in Esfahan, in order, by a working process in technical and economic feasibility studies and overall analyses, to provide the basis for design engineering, computing and manufacturing a series of crawler cranes with wire ropes and all the overhead structures and gantry and columnar jib cranes. This company extracted the tables about the designs and production within the considered range and capacities that included in the highly consumed components of the cranes in the market, and finally succeeded in gaining the principle agreement and operating permissions from the industries and mines ministry. By expanding the factory in the year 2000, this company increased its products annually to 3760 of different types of hoists and cranes. In design and production and by using today’s technology and international standards including ASME, DIN, ISO, FEM, AGMA, AWS and also ISO0001: 2000, ISO29001: 2003, ISO/TS18001: 1999 and ISO14001: 2004 from RWTUV Co. (Germany), TELFER Co. has tried supply the range of its products from 125kg to 320tons and also provide management services closer to those for similar products. Regarding the observation of standards by TELFER and design and engineering by this company, TELFER products are considered as Iranian domestic and leading products in the industrial market in the country. These products are now good replacements for other similar and imported products, and this valuable work is continued with more potentials to gain a higher share of the market, in order to provide even negligible services to the industry and the country, as a whole. For optimized operation and servicing the important industries in the country that possess over 1500 hoists and cranes manufactured by this company, TELFER Co. has prepared instruction programs and periodic inspection and maintenance teams, and by the support of an equipped spare parts warehouse, this company has guaranteed proper productivity by the customers.


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