Electrical wire rope hoists (single-girder) 

  Electric wire Rope Hoist (BLM)


1-Equipped with mechanical/electrical overload system to prevent excessive loads
2-Single and double speed in all moving directions
3-Two variable speeds by the use of an inverter
4-24V Control switch
5-Limit switches (up/down)
6-No. of switches for 180-420 loads per hour
7-Suitable for light industries with height limitation
8-Selecting the loading capacity from 1ton to 10tons
9-Long age of gearboxes due to proper design
10-Long age of electric motor and the brake by using an inverter
11-Standard requirements for safe performance
12-Using the best raw materials in production
13-Using the best and standard European components, such as wire rope, hooks, electric motors, etc.
14-Fast displacement due to high speed of the crane
15-Controlled by cable or remote mechanisms
16-Working groups and required height with regards to different no. of strings in the wire rope

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Electrical hoists with wire rope (single-girder) with the loading capacity of 1000kg to 10tons are used in different works in light and heavy industries, by considering limited heights. These cranes are economically more suitable than those with double girders, but with similar technical specifications.


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