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TELFER guarantee - liability for the products quality

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The name “TELFER” is highlighted everywhere in Iran for its quality products and assurance to customers. The prominence is not only for the products quality, but also for widespread after-sales services all over Iran and exclusive guarantee for the products.

Advantages of TELFER Guarantee for the customers

  • Over two decades of specialized activities in crane industry and benefiting from TELFER specialists’ experiences and expertise
  • Attendance of the team for after-sales services in less than 48 hours in the customer’s site
  • Supplying spare parts and producing them in the production line, as well as existence of the inventory of spare parts in the components warehouse
  • Economically safe for 24 months
  • Giving instructions and training proper use of the cranes to the customers
  • Prominent reduction of maintenance costs of the cranes by periodic inspections
  • Installation inspections and supervision
  • The most extensive after-sales services all over the country
  • Consultations before purchasing
  • Assurance